Manufacturing Request Form

Let us know what it is you're trying to have manufactured and we'll connect you with the right service representative. 

OEM custom order process

  1. Consultation meeting (Find out if we can accept the project)
  2. Research process (1-3 weeks to find out if we can handle the project)
  3. Acceptance of project (Notify clients in writing that the project can be done) 
  4. Quotation (Contact clients in writing with cost numbers and related fee)
  5. Deposit down (Deposit is required once clients decide to move forward. Amount will be depending on projects situation) 
  6. Projects started (Gathering the sources and get projects started)
  7. Process 
  8. a. Working with clients on getting the 3D drawing done
  9. b. Molds getting made (Depending on projects. Certain products do not require molds)
  10. c. Confirm samples (Samples will be made for clients to confirm)
  11. d. Mess production (Mess production will be started once samples confirmed)
  12. e. Assembling and packaging (Products will be send to our facility overseas to get    assembled and packaged)
  13. f. Balance cleared (Collect the rest payment from clients)
  14. g. Shipping/Freight (Products will be shipped via ocean or air per clients' request)
  15. h. Custom clearance (Prepare documentation for the custom entry. 100% handled by us)
  16. i. Pickup/Delivery (Products arrival and notify clients to pickup or arrange for delivery)
  1. Order completed and proceed with the future orders